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Connector and Relationship builder in maintenance, repair and operations wholesale trades
Hand Tools

Wreches, Axes & Hatchets, Chains, Hammers & Mallets, Crimpers & Strippers... Read More


Plumbling Equipment, Pheumatics, Welding Supplies, Material Handling, Abrasives... Read More


Bags an Can Liners, Chemicals, Sponges, Scrubbers, and Squeegees... Read More


Respirators, Ear & Hearing Protection, Face Protection, Gloves & Hand Protection... Read More

Foodservice Disposables

Cups & Lids, Towelettes, Plastic Cutlery, Dinnerware, Food Containers & Lids... Read More

Power Tools

Grinders, Chain Saws, Crimpers, Drill presses, Hammer Drills, Heat Guns... Read More

Services or Expertise:

O’Daly Supply, LLC is mainly focused in the M.R.O section of the industry; however we have proven to be relatively good at providing you with exactly what you can’t find. Our area of expertise includes exactly bringing that part or service you can’t easily find. However we are not limited to:

Hand tools, Hardware, Hole making, Electrical Supply, Facility maintenance, Lubricants & Fluids, Machinery, Marking & Labeling, Abrasives, Fasteners, Fleet Maintenance, HVAC,

Cutting Tools, motors, valves, office supplies.

Notable Clients
Watts Water Technologies (Molding & Extrusion)
ITT- Cannon Corp (interconnect solutions) 
Curtis Wright Integrated Sensing, Inc. (Flight Control Industry)
CCX Corp
Amphenol Optimize Mfg. Co.

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